How to Go to an Interview

Research the company. Once you know you have an interview lined up, spend some time researching the company and the position you applied for online. You’ll often be able to learn the answers to basic questions you have, especially concerning work schedule and job responsibilities.You may also encounter information you’re curious about, so you can ask the interviewer to expand or clarify.

  • Try the company website, anything a search engine turns up about the company, and the company’s social media pages.
  • Try to understand the company’s goals and mission, and how it ties in to your skills and interests. This makes you appear prepared and suitable for the company, which is a cut above someone who only repeats the website’s talking points.
  • If you know someone who works or used to work at the company, that contact can give you specific tips about your interviewers or what the company values.
Come up with answers to common resume questions. Write down a list of questions you expect them to ask, and then construct a thoughtful answer to each one in writing. If you get some of your guesses right, you’ll appear confident and practiced, and will have less anxiety about improvising your answers.

  • Be prepared to summarize your previous work experiences, and to explain how they contributed to skills and knowledge that applies to the job you’re trying to get.
  • Certain common resume occurrences are often brought up in interview questions. These include a long gap in your employment, a job you only had for a short time, or unusual work experience people may not be familiar with.