How to Make the Right Career Choice

career choice is betterA Career is not an activity that you choose once your in high school or college and then forget over the time as you start working. Let it be IIT JEE, IAS or even IPS, one should plan his/her career on a regular basis as you never know when things will change over your lifetime. Career planning should be a positive and rewarding experience.

The activity of choosing a career should be fulfilling and liberating rather than putting you off or make you regret. Your first thoughts might not be realistic or the best career choice but as you clarify and refurnish you will step towards the right career path.

Choosing a career is major decision in life and not everyone finds the process to be easy. Most college freshman tend to change their majors before they graduate with a degree and end up regretting their decision later on. So before making the most important decision of your life, it is necessary to understand as much as you can about yourself, your interest, you decision making, abilities, skills and preferences. Another vital aspect of choosing the right career is researching the educational and occupational components of our choice.

Let’s take a look some important points to follow in order to choose the right career for you.

Reflect on Your Likes & Dislikes

Change is a major component of life and you never how that will factor into account. Our idea of likes and dislikes keeping changing over time, something you loved doing a few years back could be something you hate doing now. So reflect on what makes you feel better and comfortable and add it to the list occupational components.

Career Motivation

What is it that excites you? Or makes you feel like you can achieve anything? Think about the motivations and values that will make you want to get out of your bed in the morning.

Explore your Strength & Weakness

It is important to remember is that as much your strengths make you stronger so does your weakness make you weaker. So, list out all your strengths and weakness like being good in Math calculation or weak at managing things properly. Try to find an occupation that suits your strengths and try work on getting rid of your weaknesses.

Explore your Values

As you think about you future career, you must remember to take your work-related values into consideration. Many new employees only consider the job description and job title when looking for an occupation. However, your values play a crucial role in your career satisfaction.

Skills & Sector

You need to ask yourself what experience, qualifications and key skills, you need for your ideal job remember to look at it from the employer’s perspective. Finally, what kind of employment sector suits you best? You also need to check if there are signs of growth in your target sector and where the main opportunities lie.

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