Wipro New Placement Paper Pattern 2016

Here i am writing Wipro New Placement Paper Pattern 2016 : The Aptitude Test is conducted online on the computer so there are very less chances of any error creeping in.  The interface was clean and smooth with excellent work from the coordinators in carrying out the test. wipro placement paper pattern contain 4 sections. The test was conducted in 4 slots with around 70 students in one slot.

1: Aptitude test: It had 3 sections namely verbal ability, quantitative apti, technical knowledge.
Verbal: 15 Questions
Quantitative: 15 Question
Technical: 20 Questions
Test Duration: 60min

Verbal had simple English questions, passage based questions, synonyms, antonyms, phrases, fill in the blanks etc. Completed this section in around 15 minutes since the questions were very simple.  Quantitative had questions from time speed distance, logical thinking, blood relationship etc. Can’t remember more….However this section was also easy and completed it in around 15-20 minutes. Just brush up your concepts and general formulae and you will be fine with it.

Technical was the toughest section with questions on c, c++ , java, Operating System, and UNIX / Linux questions .Some questions from Unix were way over the top but the trick is to clear the cutoff which lies around 10-12 marks in technical. You can easily score that much if you can do c, c++, java and maybe OS.

2: Essay writing:
Duration: 10min

They consider only text written on front side of the A4 paper. This seems to be a mere formality to check your arrangement of ideas and there representation.

3: Technical Interview: The technical interview went for around 20-25 minutes with questions ranging from your project, training information, your favorite subject. The question were major easy and simple to answer instead of the difficult programs and in depth question that are asked in some of the interviews

4: HR Interview: The final stage of Wipro placement drive. They will ask questions like tell me about your self ,hobbies , how much expecting, how you see your self after five years.